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Friday, February 9, 2007

Question #2: Do Portuguese people like fashion?

We LOVE fashion. We are just like sheeps, always following the other sheeps, and eating the available grass. Our shopping centers always have tons of stores with the latest fashion trends. And, when we talk about jeans, we are simply the best!

It's pretty common to see jeans with that "used", "patched", "ripped", "holed" "weared", "spent" or just "dumped in a bucket of bleach" look. It's so in, so trendy. Just take a look at this photos I shot in a store, for instance. This is what I call the "trolha" look!


"Trolha" it's a portuguese word for a man who works in the building construction. Normally, he is african or ucranian, he goes to the construction in the back of a shitty truck, drink beer and harass all women in the sidewalk. They normally wear old and rotten clothes, normally with cement or paint splatters all over their clothes, but they don't mind. It's cool. Trendy.


Now, anyone can be a trendy "trolha" easily! Just buy this fabulous trousers by 25 euros, you don't even have to make cement!! Genius! Yes, Portuguese people are genious when it comes to fashion.

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