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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Question #1: Do portuguese people have a sense of humour?

Well, of course! We never miss an opportunity to make everyone smile and laugh. Take, for instance, this poster inside a big Portuguese supermarket, "Continente". The poster advertises Portuguese fruit, and features a nice guy with nice lemons (yes, he is a little chubby, and I bet that he doesn't eat fruit THAT much).

Well, somebody took some stickers from those apples and placed them in strategic places, so that the chubby guy looks now very menacing and funny. See? Portuguese people can be humorous even with a couple of fruit stickers, and while they are bored inside a supermarket, they make everyone laugh. That classical hole-in-the-teeth is always a guaranteed laugh.

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M.M. said...

Onde eu moro apareceu um daqueles cartazes a anunciar os frasquinhos de polpa de fruta e dizia algo estilo: Coma fruta!
Houve alguém que decidiu acrescentar: "Quando quero fruta, como fruta, foda-se!"